ABOUT WP Simple Captcha

lots of robot spam commenters,i really get rid of them,hope it will not cost much.so I write this little plugin to do the work,you can just add these lines of code into your theme's function.php file ,put them before the last:


it will just work.

these are the code you should put into your function.php:>

class zxdRoboCheck{
 function zxd_robokiller_fields($fields) {
  $rnum1 =rand(1,10);
  $rnum2 = rand(2,8);
  $rnum = $rnum1 + $rnum2;
  $fields['robo'] = '           ';
  return $fields;
 function roboCheck($comment){
        $userId = get_current_user_id();
        if($userId!=0) return($comment);
 if (empty($_POST['robo']) || trim($_POST['robo']) == '' ) {
   wp_die( __('Error: you are not robot,are you?do the math,fill the blank '));
  $robo_num1 = (int)$_POST['robo'];
  $robo_num2 = (int)$_POST['rnum'];
  if ( $robo_num2 == $robo_num1) {
  else {
   wp_die( __('Error: you are not robot,are you?'));
if (class_exists("zxdRoboCheck")) {
 $aRoboCheck = new zxdRoboCheck();
 add_action('comment_form_default_fields', array(&$aRoboCheck, 'zxd_robokiller_fields'),1);
 add_filter('preprocess_comment', array(&$aRoboCheck, 'roboCheck'), 1);


it is simple,so it is easy to crack,if spammers want.lets just hope they do not really have to deal with your site.




1.1 fix login user can not comment bug.