Recently I noticed the referral link, and try to find out why, and I find this post.

the theme design is copied fromSimple Thingswithout pemission. it is not properiate. the original design's author 's blog ishere.



/* Theme Name: cssfever Author: ZHAO Xudong,the design is copied fromDan Hauk'sSimple Thingswithout permission which is not right. Theme URI: /wordpress/wordpress-theme-cssfever/ Author URI: Description:a pure css theme without images at not work in ie5.6.7.8. Tags: black,blue,white,two-columns,fixed-width License: GNU General Public License, v2 (or newer) License URI: */ FAQ to turn off the hover show/hide post content funtion ---find these code in style.css and delete them

\n#content .hide {
\tdisplay: none;
---find these code in js/cssfever.js and delete them
\n    $('.show').hover(