=== WP ajax Collapsing Categories ===

set the title and categories you want to show



click “[+]” to expand the category,to show child categories links and posts links in this category



Contributors: ZHAO Xudong
Donate link: http://html5beta.com
Plugin URI: http://html5beta.com/wordpress/wp-ajax-collapsing-categories/
Tags: categories, sidebar, widget
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 3.10
Stable tag: 1.0

== Description ==

This plugin uses jQuery to expand or collapsable the set of posts for each category,
uses ajax to get the expandable content from server.

== Note ==

0.WHY i do this.

in my work,i need a widget like this,so l learned to write it.
and i fully tested it in my site,it works fine.
since i am newbie,so there might be some bug or problem i do not know,
i appreciate it if you let me know.

1.About the Current Post

if the current post is in the category,the category link will has a “zxd_current_cat” class,
i certainly can add the css file in this little plugin,but i will not,because it is ugly.
you can customize it in your theme css file,like

#sidebar .zxd_current_cat{


more clean way to use this widget is set it in your theme’s function.php.


4.set up WP ajax Collapsing Categories widget in function.php