Someone may not like the Paper3 theme’s hide/show feature, I will show you how to remove the hide/show feature of Paper3 theme.

1.Goto edit “theme/Paper3/js/Paper3.js”,find and delete the code below


2.then goto edit “theme/Paper3/index.php”,find this

<div class="post-content hide fix">

delete “hide”.

3.All done.

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Theme Name: Paper3
Author: ZHAO Xudong
Theme URI:
Author URI:
Description:*IMPORTANT*paper background require css3 transform which is not supported by IE5,6,7,8,9.
a simple theme designed by ZHAO Xudong,,whose blog you will find at

any quetions or suggestion,you can contact me by,
or leave a comment @


0.seo friendly:
no images!only one js and one css in footer,reduce http request.
all page tag,desciption,robot,index, no seo plugin needed.
easy to share ,pure nice css social icon with addthis api link,you can share to any social media you want.
1.load jQuery from google api lib.
2.load js in footer
3.ajax click expand to see full content
4.a simpliest math captcha to stop spam commenter.
Version: 1.3.6
Tags: black,blue,white,two-columns,fixed-width
License: GNU General Public License, v2 (or newer)
License URI:


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